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App Store BEST of 2012

The Story

Dandelion is the story of Benjamin Brewster and his journey against the odds to defeat the bullies at ‘The School for the Misguided’. A beautifully illustrated and worded tale of imagination overcoming adversity. An App that encourages the reader to interact with the pages of the book and help Benjamin’s wish come true.

The App offers a truly original experience, interface, gaming interaction and allows you to connect with your iPad and iPhone like no other App before it.


Take a look around Benjamin’s world, help him overcome his fears and then literally blow the dandelions from your screen!

An App for children, parents and anyone that has ever wanted to send a well-wish to a loved one or a friend in need.

“The way children have responded to the Dandelion App has helped us to perfect this original, engaging and beautiful iPad & iPhone experience…”

“We’re thrilled to be supporters of the exciting Dandelion project.

The story is captivating with a powerful message about overcoming life’s hurdles. Creativity and imagination are at the core of self expression.

This message is central to the story, central to our beliefs and is alive in our preschools and in everything we do.”

Big Fat Smile CEO, Bill Feld
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Concept To Creation

“Dandelion was written and developed to encourage children to use their imagination to fend off bullying and to create a story that would communicate the message globally.”

it's all in the detail

Each scene has been pencil drawn, scanned, painted digitally, spliced and animated to bring a totally unique look and feel to Benjamin’s world.

Benjamin Drawing

The little boy that could.... Benjamin begins his journey as a slight figure whose confidence slouches from the weight of the world on his shoulders. His stature grows amongst a patch of dandelions that help him become strong.

Benjamin has been drawn as a blank canvas so that the reader can place themselves in his shoes during the story.


The ‘School for the Misguided’ is a place that echoes classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales and is proudly ‘Burtonesque’ in its design.

The environment and the theme

Each page is navigated by interacting with a retro instamatic viewfinder mechanism.


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Dandelion Flexi Bracelets Dandelion Flexi Bracelets

Our cool Dandelion bracelets are available in two sizes and colours: Children (green) and Adults(brown). Show your support of Dandelion and remind people that ‘bullying is for people with no imagination.’

Our bracelets are best worn when you share one with a friend!

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Dandelion iPad Decal Dandelion iPad Decal

Our originally designed Dandelion iPad decals are available in limited quantities. The decal showcases Benjamin Brewster standing under a tree holding a dandelion.

Your iPad will be beautifully unique!

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Dandelion Book Dandelion Book

Follow the journey of Benjamin Brewster with your very own hard copy of the story.

The book will make the perfect birthday present, school library donation or a treat for your child.

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